Saturday, August 15, 2009

Who would you Invite?????

I was reading The West Australian this morning and an article written by Belle Taylor titled Be My Guest really got me thinking. The whole gist of the story was to ask local celebrities, sports stars, pollies etc which five people they would invite over for dinner.

I don't about you all, but my family and I have gotten quite heated over the dinner table asking this very question. We can sit for hours reeling off names of who just might get the tick of approval to get the pleasure of dining with us.

Names that have already made several visits to each one of our homes have included the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandella, although mum always thinks Dr Phil deserves a guernsey - not sure why maybe she's looking at holding some sort of intervention!!!

Me, well my order goes something like this:

Number 1 on my list is talk show queen and mentor Oprah Winfrey. We would have so much to talk about and the word diet would not once get a mention!
17th Annual Women In Entertainment Power 100 Breakfast - Arrivals

Number 2 would be her pal US President Barack Obama. Not only could Oprah bring a friend (not Gayle) but it would give me another reason to show off my I'M AN OBAMA MAMA t-shirt and meet the first African American president!!!
President Obama awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom in Washington

Number 3 would have to be the King of Rock N Roll Elvis Presley. I know he's dead but how cool would that be and I absolutely love him - STILL!
Juliens Auctions Summer Entertainment Sale Press Preview

Number 4 on the list would go to the King of Pop Michael Jackson yes I know he too is no longer with us, but just imagine the music both he an Elvis could make. I wouldn't need any background music at all and I could finally learn Elvis'legshake and Michael's moonwalk. Music Heaven.
Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Number 5 on the list would be mum & dad. Yes I know there are two of them but they come together as one, like a pair of shoes - Jimmy Choos actually. Plus Mum could talk Dr Phil to Oprah and Dad could show Elvis his Elvis DVD collection Fun In Alcupulco woot woot.

So there's my list and trust me it was hard to cull. Celebrities that didn't make the final cut included Nigella Lawson, the Dalai Lama, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, all good, but I only have eight chairs at my dining table and I can't let hubby miss out!!!

Do you guys agree with my choices? Would you choose these for your feast and if not who? Drop me an email, I'd love to hear who made the cut at your house!!


  1. Nice one Sar but if any of NKOTB were to make the cut it would be Joey Joe hahaha

  2. Look at HARPO !!! wot a machine , Go harps

  3. At his peak Kouta was unstoppable by no one !!! when the Bombers damaged his knee in2000in rnd 19 that cost us the season !! i reckon we couldve beat them



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