Saturday, August 15, 2009

Belle's Favourite Dish of the Week

OK so those who've been following my blog know that I have huge passion for food and as of late have been dabbling in the kitchen myself. Having a husband whose food critic prowess matches that of Matt Preston (minus the cravat - don't worry it's coming) means that when I cook a meal it's got to be up to scratch.

I've always loved cooking and enjoy being in the kitchen but since the Masterchef invasion and my love for dinner parties growing week by week, I've decided to take my next foodie step.

From now on Life According to Belle will tell you what my best home-made meal for the week was. What I'd like in return is for you tell me if you love it too so I can than post the recipe up for you all to make and enjoy yourselves - see it's a win win situation.

My first home-made meal is Pasta Cartoccio otherwise known as Spaghetti Al Forno made for last night's dinner party. Now I've eaten this dish a few times and it is one that is quite popular with my husband's family. His aunty is a whizz at creating this dish and to emulate it is no mean feat.

Lucky for me I had my trusty assistant who not only helped with prep but helped me put the whole thing together ready for when the guests arrived. You see making the dish is not hard at all but there are a few things that need to be done so it all works.

For instance you must cook the sauce (home-made of course) along with the mince, cook the pasta, cut the olives, add mozzarella and pop it all in individual alfoil baskets ready for the oven. Sounds simple right? Well it is and it's oh so DELICIOUS.

My guests were not only impressed with the packaging but the aroma wafting from the oven had them so excited they could not wait to open their silver little baskets. It went down a treat and the best bit about it was there was no washing up to do. I sat back with the rest of my guests and enjoyed their company without worrying about the dishes piling up - success!

(Disclaimer: My guests also enjoyed a roast pork and vegies for their main and Ferrero gelato for dessert.)

Have you had a successful night in the kitchen? I'd love to hear from you and if you want to know more about Pasta Cartoccio drop me an email - until next time Bon Appetite!!

My Pasta Cartoccio (Spaghetti Al Forno), you can actually see the steam coming out of the piping hot dish!!!


  1. Belle this dish sounds so good, please email me the recipe i want to try it out.

  2. u 2 kwick 4 me i havent had time 2 read the others but i will get there even if it takes me 4 eva .....

  3. Where's my invite to these dinner parties of yours hey???

  4. hi B that pasta dish sounds divine, i was reading it n my mouth was watering, c i have read some so email me the recipe n keep writing.... what's your next dish??? xo

  5. Hey Soraya

    I will definitely give you the recipe on Sunday - it is so good!!! xoxo

  6. It looks SO good!! I want some!
    Where is the recipe?m In fact, you can just make me some...please!



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