Monday, May 25, 2009

Leggings - Not pants People!!!!!

I read a great article by Claire Davies in yesterday's STM Magazine re my latest pet hate - leggings worn as pants! It went something like this: Leggings with butt on show only to the gym, Leggings covered by tunic or dress - chic combination.

I don't know what is happening lately but as winter approaches and the extra kilos pile on it seems I'm seeing more and more women opting to wear leggings as pants. They are on show everywhere at shopping centres, movies and even dinner on a Saurday night, next time you're out and about make sure you take note.

OK so listen up ladies here is the lowdon, leggings are not to be worn as a staple item but as an accessory similiar to a bag or a scarf and in my opinion they are best worn beneath a tunics, dresses, oversized tees/shirts or even skirts. Never ever under any circumstance should they be worn with shorter-style t-shirts, jackets or God forbid the crop-top (who the heck wears these anyway)!

In finishing the two little rules to remember:
1. Leggings with singlets and shorter style tops great for working out and must only be seen at gyms or during outdoor EXERCISE activities.
2. Leggings as an accessory only I repeat only under TUNICS, DRESSES, OVERSIZED TEES. For a great winter look team them up with boots, tunic and scarf - PERFECTO!

Do not follow Lindsay's lead and wear leggings with a little top - WRONG!
Saks Fifth Avenue launch of the 10th annual key to the cure charity shopping weekend benefiting EIFs Womens Cancer Research Fund

Working out or Yoga - This works!
Model Released Gymnastics

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bikram Yoga - A new form of torture!

Last week I was coaxed into trying the latest craze hitting gyms everywhere - Bikram Yoga. My cousin, let's call her Jados, told me she'd been reading my blog regularly and had a fantastic idea for my blog (thanks Jados but next time keep your ideas to yourself)on keeping active during winter. Me (idiot) said very enthusiastically, "OMG I've heard about that, isn't everyone doing it - I'd love to give it a go, when???"

Next thing you know I'm signing up for a two week introductory course of 90 minutes of torture. Now, people who know me, know, that it's hard enough getting me to the gym to workout, dance, jog, relax or whatever. So to rock up to a class to spend 90 mins in 40 degrees, stretching, breathing, chanting and sweating oops I'm mean dripping with sweat (and trying not to laugh) was no mean feat.

This place was packed and everyone in the room was about a size two(the women) and sculpted like the Statue of David (well the men anyway). Me, well I'm a little on the softer side and as the whole class came to appreciate not that flexible or athletic either.

After what seemed like 5hrs hours as opposed to 90mins I did feel somewhat refreshed, lighter and relieved that I WILL NEVER HAVE TO GO BACK AGAIN!!!Yogas never been my forte and in 40 degrees FORGET IT!
I think from now on I'll just stick to the basics - RPM Class - pure bliss (who would have thought!)

No more ideas people - that is all.......

Relaxed, I don't think so - me after a tough class of Bikram Yoga

Friday, May 22, 2009

The New Nigella?? You just never know!!!!!

OK so my latest guilty pleasure is cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I'm only working three days a week so the chances of being a little more adventurous with my cooking is higher than normal. This week I attempted rigatoni with tomato braised lamb shanks - DELICIOUS!!! I served it to my husband, cousin and her boyfriend and all agreed I outdid myself this time.

I've always loved to cook and with the influences of my new Food & Lifestyle Channel subscription, the new series of Australian Masterchef and the fact I'm editing a Food magazine I feel as though I'm being pushed to better myself through food (not good for the waistline but definitely great for my taste buds!)

It's crazy I'm even thinking if I keep this up I should audition for next years series - watch this SPACE!!!!Speaking of TV series, I'm due to appear as a guest chef on Foxtel's Aurora Channel on the Charlies Kitchen Show. I interviewed him a while back for Menu Magazine and need to get back to him with recipes for a three-course meal to prepared on his show. Any ideas people??? Keep me posted and in the meantime I best check on my chocolate souffle...mmmm yummo!

Me the new Nigella - Imagine that!!!!
British Comedy Awards 2006 - Arrivals

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I tried avoiding this but I just couldn't help myself!

I was trying to keep this post light and fluffy but I just have to get this off my chest. Being a West Australian means we don't get to see or hear about Rugby League a lot so we don't quite comprehend the enormity of it all. I relate it to what we Sandgropers experience watching one of our beloved AFL teams.

The NRL is a major entity over East and their players (as are ours) considered role models. Everyone knows their names, who they play for and what goes on in their daily lives. These guys get paid mega bucks playing a game they know and love and are adored for it.

My point you ask??? "The Matty Johns Sex Scandal". I know a lot of people are probably sick and tired of hearing about it - I am too. But it's been playing on my mind and has been the topic of much conversation since last week's NRL Footy Show apology.

This incident (which from all accounts is not the first) can no longer be swept under the carpet - it's well and truly come to the fore. This week's Four Corner's episode along with Tracy Grimshaw's interview on ACA last night have ensured this.

Watching both interviews I found it to be a real sorry state of affairs for both parties(I can't even begin to imagine what the victim or his wife is going through right now). Johns' has copped all the flak and deservingly so, but what I want to know is what about the other players and staff who were involved in the incident? Are they going to do get off scott free while the victim and Johns' family try to piece back their lives?????

I'm an avid sports follower and love all codes including AFL, Rugby Union and Soccer. These sports stars like it or not are Role Models, they are paid to play the game and along with that comes adulation, money and success. I also understand that they too are like the rest of us and make mistakes (many of which end up on the front page) but that's the price you pay when you are in the spotlight as most of them are.

Last year we saw the infamous case of Ben Cousins splashed all over our TV screens and this year it seems it's the NRL'S turn. Just as the AFL made their stance I think it's high time the NRL made theirs - God knows it's overdue!

Footballers Behaving Badly - OVER IT!!!

Matthew Johns with co-host Paul "Fatty" Vautin at this year's Logies.

51st TV Week Logie Awards - Winners Room

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hey there peeps!! Just a quick one today. Is anyone reading my blog??
I've had no feedback or comments left on the page and I just want to make sure I'm entertaining the masses?
Let me know what you think - I'd love to hear from you.
Belle xo

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Chopping Block -To chop or not to chop????

OK people I need your help - here goes. To the left, to the left (gotta love Beyonce) this is me right NOW as I blog away on my keyboard. Below me is a pic of the lovely Shelly Craft and one of Victoria Beckham. My dilema is should I go the chop or keep my long, luscious locks????

Truth be known I've always had fine hair but almost four months ago I got extensions for the wedding. Of course I loved them at the time and they certainly served a purpose but now, well now, they're just getting in the way.

Slowly, slowly I've been losing them and I'll be getting them permantley removed soon but once they're gone what should I do?

I love the original Posh - Pob not her latest pixie do she's sporting and on Sunday night while watching the Logies I couldn't help but notice Miss Shelly Craft looking awesome on the red carpet with a sassy, short look.

Now before the proposal it looked like I could do this thing and go all the way, today, well ahh I'm not so confident as I'm privvy to the nasty growing stages. You know the one where it gets to the stage where it's no longer a style or for that matter even looking any good, so you cut it again and you're back where you started from.

So the questions still remains do I do it or should I just forget it? Don't they say a change is as good as a holiday? And God knows I'm needing one of them PRONTO!

Let me know what you think should I stay, go the Shelly or try the Pob???? HELP!!!!

Eva Mendes Launches 30 Days Of Fashion2007 Victorias Secret Fashion Show

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happily Ever After

WELL the big day has come and gone and I am happy to report all went according to plan.
There were, however a few stressful moments especially during the lead up to the big day and some family members including "Chief" thought I was slowly losing it.
But who could blame me with last minute RSVPs, changes in seating arrangements and crumbling centre pieces adding to the nightmare, I really thought it was the end of the world!I know, I know there I go again with all the drama.

With two weeks to go my Portuguese relatives also arrived just in time for the Hen’s day and Bridal shower festivities both of which from all accounts – rocked!
And though everyone did warn me the day would fly it wasn’t until it arrived that I realised they weren’t exaggerating.
It did in fact disappear right before my very eyes, quicker than I’d ever imagined.
On the morning of the blessed day having slept just three hours, not only did I feel and look like a zombie but one who’d just completed a stint on Survivor Vanuatu considering my diet over the last few weeks consisted of chick peas and lettuce leaves – mmm yummy!
My hairdresser and make-up artist worked their magic transforming us into the Goddesses I had envisioned and just like that everything fell into place and the drama – gone!

The ceremony provided our guests with many laughs especially during the exchanging of the rings.
And our fabulous photographer Percy worked like a Trojan providing us with memories that will certainly last a lifetime.
The reception was captured on film (much to the horror of many who have since seen the evidence). Billy Jean break out moves were all the rage with most of my guests jammed onto the dancefloor thanks to the awesome tunes provided by the very entertaining DJ Phil Webb.
And my gorgeous Madhatter cake, yes did I mention it was gorgeous was gushed over all night - thanks Julia!

Two months of wedded bliss later (yes this post is way overdue) Ari & I are still hearing comments like "that was the best wedding" and "we had so much fun" from all who attended.
A wedding is a stressful yet wonderful occasion and something you only hope to do once.
I would recommend all brides-to-be get a fantastic support network behind them to make their day just as special.
That's all from me and to all brides-to-be I wish you all the best for your big day!

From here on in I'm posting on all things food, fashion, footy oh and maybe some marital bliss - I'll keep ya posted!


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