Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just A Little Taste of Home

Monday July 13 2009
I don't often go to Nandos as I can get the real deal at home but after a busy day at work and another Siren's Movie Night on the cards a quick bite there was just what the doctor ordered.

The thing I like about Nandos is that it reminds me of my family everytime I walk in the door. The folky music playing the background, the Portuguese pictures and Portuguese phrases all over the wall, just scream GOOD TIMES as I visualise Madeira, Portugal circa 95 and 98!!

Having not been to Nandos for a while I noticed the menu had grown to include two types of rice, Portuguese style salads, Espetada (meat on skewers - my favourite ) and the old faithful Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese Custard Tart).

These types of dishes are typically Portuguese and you can bet your bottom dollar you would be served at least one of these if you had lunch in Portuguese household - just ask my hubby he can definitely attest to this! My pick of the day however was Chicken Tenderloins dressed in Lemon and herb (hey I may be Portuguese but that Peri Peri is some HOT stuff) and a side of chips. I would normally also go the Pastéis de Nata for dessert but I'm spoilt for choice at home and have these on a weekly basis - jealous????

Although there is quite a large population of Portuguese people living in WA, there is not a lot of choice when it comes to their cuisine. What Nandos has done is introduced the cuisine into the mainstream market targeting those unaware of the taste sensations Portuguese food can unleash - ande I'm all for that!!!

Chicken Tenderloins just the way I like it - Portuguese do, do it BETTER!

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