Friday, July 30, 2010

Celebrity Stakeouts Abroad

OK, OK, OK I hear ya - I'm SORRY!!!!! I know I've neglected you & have been M.I.A but the truth is.......well there really is no excuse I've been LIVING IT UP & I aint sorry about it HAHA!!!

OK now that I've got that off my chest I can tell you all the juicy details about my northern hemisphere adventure, oh hang on I went to Mexico so that's not right...............ANYWAYS back to it.

Regular readers of my blog will know I just embarked on an adventure of a lifetime - a round-the-world trip to the US, Mexico, Paris & Hong Kong. It was a long time in the making but something none of us (there was up to 7 of us at certain stops) will ever forget.

So I promised to blog about it & yes you're right I didn't..............while overseas BUT now I'm back I'm going to fill you in on some of the most exciting parts of our stops and hopefully entertain you with our crazy antics (trust me there were many).

I've always wanted to visit the US but really only ever wanted to see New York & Chicago (yes I'm a crazed Oprah fan love,. love, love her) however the chance to stop by LA or LA LA Land as it's affectionately known was just too good to pass up (afterall I am ridiculously intrigued with celebritydom - is that even a word).

My celebrity radar is just that - a radar. It senses celebrities, personalities and sports stars a mile away and on leaving Perth I had to put it into the AIRPORT (yep that's how good it is it started at sleepyPerth Airport).

As I Tweeted, Facebooked and texted my friends their responses came thick and fast - where, when, WHAT! and you always spot them, were the comments that flew back at me. All up I spotted seven but technically almost eight during the whole stint not bad for six weeks.

So here are the names and yes some I'm sure you won't have even heard of them but none-the-less they made my cut.

Perth Airport: The 7PM Project's Carrie Bickmore about to board a plane back to Melbourne and England Rugby Union star Jonny Wilkinson about to board the plane with me and the rest of the team woop woop - here's the evidence:

San Jose Del Cabo Airport: Yep that's right - another airport. Here I spotted Disney star Demi Lovato (apparently huge in the US and an ex gf of one of the Jonas Bros & again apparently big in Hollywood)with her sister & Desperate Housewives star Madison Delagarza (think Gabi Soulis'little girl Juanita) on an American Airlines flight to LA. I didn't get any photos of either because when I noticed Madison she was already comfortably sitting in her business class seat ready for take off.

BOA Steakhouse, Sunset Blvd:This hip LA hotspot is where many Hollywood A-listers come for a good feed (apparently Denzel Washington is there every fortnight when he's not busy filming or working it on Broadway). We visited BOA on Father's Day as did the Kardashian Klan minus Kourtney & Scott. Again no photos were taken because we only realised they were there (they were actually sitting directly in front of us but were in a separate booth hidden from the rest of the restaurant) after we saw the paparazzi go nuts when they left. I then saw the whole scene replayed over and over the next day on TMZ.

LAX Airport:Yet again at another airport I see Keith Urban walk straight past me. I was frantically searching for my Qantas Club card to enter the Admirals Lounge & he waltzed straight past me; no time for pics or even a hello - NOTHING!!

SOHO New York while on the SATC Tour:In my drunken state (yes I was drunk on the tour - long story & maybe best left for next blog)I still managed to get a pic -dodgy but none-the-less still a pic of Mickey Rourke who was out shopping with his woman. He also dropped some cash on the ground so we got extra time to get good pics - again sorry for the quality of mine. Here tis:
Chanel Paris:Our second last stop took us to Paris & I never thought I would see anybody else after leaving the US - but I did! After buying my Louis bag we headed towards Chanel and I noticed a whole heap of photographers outside. I politely asked one pap who was inside and he mutter Paris Hilton! This time I was not going to let the opportunity to pap her myself go by. Here's the proof:
So that's it, they're the celebs I got to see while away. Have you guys come papped out your favourite star? Did you get to meet them & if so what were they like? I'd love to hear from you xo


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