Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Arriba Arriba

Saturday April 4 2009
All this wining and dining has caused me to feel a little under the weather lately so going out for Mexican was sure to wreak havoc on my sensitive stomach but being another cousin's birthday I had no trouble into the spirit.

Normally Mexican food is something I really look forward to and having not had some for a while I couldn't wait to dig in.

First stop - The Mexican Kitchen's Fishbowl Margarita an absolute must when eating Mexican. There is nothing better than enjoying good company while sipping on Margaritas before tucking into a typical Mexican dish. My dish of choice, well that was easy, a delicious beef burritto. Served with spicy rice, the beef was tender and wrapped in a warm pita bread, topped with sour cream and a chilli salsa sauce mmm the taste of Mexico.

Everytime I visit The Mexican Kitchen I'm never disappointed and I'm often left wondering why it takes me years to go back there. This time round I promise I'll visit again soon Buonos Noches people.....

The Mexican Kitchen's yummy Fishbowl Margarita!

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