Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My latest love affair - Truffles and Little Caesar's Pizzeria

- The Wine & Truffle Co sniffer dogs show us how to find the treasured truffle.

Menu Magazine spent yet another weekend meeting and greeting readers and subscribers at the Mundaring Truffle Festival. It was a fun weekend which was only dampened (pardon the pun) by the rain on Saturday.

I was lucky enough to attend on Sunday and gathering from the crowds (17,000 on Sunday & 7,000 on Saturday)it was a complete success. Having only sampled this "black gold" for the first time this year thanks to Hans at The Gala in Applecross, I can say I am officially hooked and was on cloud nine all day.

The aroma is hard to describe and the taste, well forget it I couldn't tell you either, everyone describes it differently. All I can say is, it is "The Ultimate Flavour Enhancer" (see page 50 & 51 of Menu Magazine's Issue 7 on news stands now) and I'm obsessed. Over the weekend I got to sample everything truffles including Truffle oil, Truffle Pizza, Truffle honey and Truffle infused macadamia nuts - see obsessed!

But my weeked wasn't all about "La Truffe" while in Mundaring I decided I'd pay a visit to the very popular Little Caesar's Pizzeria. I met owner Theo Kalogeracos the week before at Good Food and he told me next time I was in Mundaring to pop in and say hello - hey there's no time like the present!!!

There's been a lot said about this place so much so there is no need for Theo to advertise this "little gem" (trust me if you do not know where it is you will walk straight past it, it's tiny and with no signage).

He has earned the reputation of Perth's Pizza King and I discovered why after rolling out of there on Sunday night after sampling not 1 or 2 but 5 pizzas! No easy feat I tell you!!

So what were my faves? Well he did recommend the Jane's Addiction and after doing this job for almost three years I've learned that if the chef recommends it, it's going to be good, and it was. Topped with marinated prawns, mozzarella, rocket pesto, garlic cream sauce and prosciutto it was delicious and although all three savoury pizzas were great this was by far the best.

Theo is also well known for his dessert pizzas, in fact he has won International acclaim for them, The Mudhoney Pizza is one of them. This dessert-style pizza is topped with chocolate mudcake, honey icing sugar, chocolate buttons and chocolate sauce oh so good!!

You might think I stopped right there but I did say I rolled out remember...so I decided the New York Pecan Pie would be the way to finish off my Little Caesar's pizza-thon.

My husband thought it was better than the Mudhoney but I was too full and too tired to make the call both went above and beyond my expectations.

I never really thought to visit Mundaring, but after my weekend liaison I've found there is so much more on offer than first meets the eye. It's a quiet little spot that's full of surprises (all of them good), so do yourself a favour and take a drive on the Great Eastern Highway you won't be disappointed!


  1. THAT Pizza looks delicious!!!
    Im getting that next time I visit
    the middle of nowhere!

  2. OMG, I thought gourmet pizza meant "hardly any topping" that looks like madness and worth a visit! It's making me very very hungrY!

  3. OMG SOLD. I hope you got the recipe's for them chick.



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