Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Go Shorty it's your Birthday!!

Thursday March 19 2009
Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, ok, ok you get the picture it's my birthday. Every year much to everyone elses pain I celebrate my birthday in style, usually over the whole month of March. It's great fun, sometimes I take the month off and go jetsetting around the country, other times I just chill out and really just spoil myself - I mean why not afterall it is my birthday and if you can't take advantage of being spoilt on your special day or in my case month then when else can you do it!

Anyway this year has been slightly different as I just got married and really can't take anymore time off work so unfortunately I had to work (how rude!). Lucky for me though my boss treated me to a nice lunch at The Essex in Fremantle. This quaint fine dining restaurant tucked away in Fremantle's Essex Street has been around for as long as I can remember and has really stood the test of time. In a place where others have closed up shop it just keeps getting better.

Because we were pressed for time I only ordered a small meal the Cajun Dusted Calamari and although an entree this was more than enough to satisfy my hunger. I expect nothing less than the best here at The Essex and again I was not disappointed - they know how to look after you and that's why I go back time and time again.


Happy Birthday to me!!!!

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