Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Going Wild in Mexico!!!

So as you can probably tell from previous blogs I have a slight fascination with all things Mexico. The food, the culture and the people are just gorgeous and I'm hoping to go there next year. Yesterday I got the opportunity to learn more about Mexican cuisine after being invited to attend an Upper Crust cooking class taught by chef Susanne Wilder.

Susanne has been in the food business for decades as a food stylist, food writer and chef. Her mentor Julia Child, encouraged her to study at London's Cordon Bleu famous for teaching French cuisine in English. She has since travelled to different parts of the world educating people about the wonder of food!!

Straight off the bat I knew we were up for a Mexican fiesta as I saw a Pinata hanging from the ceiling. Proprietor Gabriel Zahra welcomed us with a nice drop of the 3Drops Cabernet and we nestled in to see the expert at work.

Gabe and Susanita hard at it in the kitchen

To start us off on our gastronomical journey "Susanita" served us a starter of spicy Chile con Queso dip with TORTILLAS (remember it's said torteeya the L is silent in Mexican - Ole!). The dip was flavoursome and creamy but not too heavy or rich and had just a hint of chile.

Susanne then served us three different soups ranging from the super-healthy, the super hearty and the super caliente.

The super caliente soup otherwise known as the Spicy Tomato Soup was light, fragrant and very spicy, in fact I'm sure I started to feel chest hairs sprouting!!!

Our last dish the Decadent Killer Chocolate Mousse was worth the wait. But as we waited for our sweet treats to firm in the fridge, students took turns in hitting the Pinata. The Gypsy Kings playing in the background and Armada chef Sonny de Ocampo's crazy antics only added to fun!

Our night finished off with the delicious mousse and a Masterchef-style taste-test of Sangria - FYI I missed out on taking out the prize by one guess!!

All in all I would recommend an Upper Crust Cooking class to anyone. They are lots of fun, very informative and you get to lots of yummy food too!!

They are currently taking bookings for the month of September so visit their website for more information, until next time Bueno Gusto!!

Susanita and I with the prized chocolate mousse

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