Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Long Wait

Monday April 27 2009
Going out on a long weekend has its advantages and disadvantages. You want to chill out, enjoy good company and soak up the day in all its glory, after all that's what long weekends are all about - not this one though. After months of planning my cousins and decided on a girlie catch-up at The Windsor for the ANZAC Day long weekend.

Having eaten at The Windsor several times (and loving it) I suggested we go there instead of going where we always go - not one of my finest moments I must admit! Our booking was for 1pm and when we arrived the place was pumping and packed to the brim. It was a beautiful day and being seated next to the waterfall was just lovely. Our waitress took our drink orders and then told us we should really put in our food order also as there could be a wait, so taking her advice we placed our orders and waited.

An hour later and no meals to be seen we asked the waitress what the hold up was and she told us there was a wait on the food because of the long weekend crowd - they hadn't expected such a turnout. She then told us it would be at least another half hour before we got our meals.

Much to my tables horror I proceeded to talk about the weather and hope the sound of everyone's stomach rumbling would fade into the distance. When our food finally arrived we went for it and whether it was my hunger pains talking or the few too many wines I consumed -the Fish and Chips were the best I'd had in a long time and well worth the wait..

Will I go there again? All in all The Windsor has never disappointed, I'd just suggest going on a normal weekend as opposed to a very long one!!

Diving into my long-awaited Fish and Chips!

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