Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Funky Freo!

Saturday February 7 2009
It was dad's birthday so we decided to treat him to a night out in Freo. He's a simple man and fish and chips on the harbour and a walk along the cappucino strip is his idea of a perfect night out. First stop Ciccerellos, definitely a Freo favourite of mine. It reminds me of days gone by when dad used to take us on long drives and finish up on the harbour as the sunset before us - just gorgeous.

Dad went for the usual a big serving of crispy battered fish and chips along with a serve of sardines, I thought I'd join him and ordered the same. The wait for our meal was longer than normal but it was to be expected considering the hoards of people who obviously had the same idea on this balmy Summer evening.

When our meals arrived they did not disappoint. Mine, two crispy pieces of snapper and an abundance of chips were just what the doctor ordered. Teamed with a lemon, lime and bitters it was just the combination I was hoping for.

After dinner a walk along the cappucino strip confused the issue of coffee and cake for dessert. The choice of coffee, gelato and sweets on offer were just too many and in the end we decided on a new little place called Sans Churros which specialises in Spanish desserts.

This little place is one I've now visited several times and just love. And when visiting you can't go past their Chocolate Churros. Hot, crispy Spanish style donutes dipped in hot chocolate dipping sauce - Yummo! Just don't overdo it because I walked out feeling like I had been drinking with the girls a little tipsy from a chocolate high - strange but true! All in all it was the perfect ending on a great night out.

Me and the yummy chocolate churro - delicious!

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