Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fast Food @ Fast Eddy's

Saturday March 14 2009
Nothing beats a Saturday night out with the girls and a good chick flick. I'd been dying to see the movie He's Just not that Into You so I dragged (not that they needed much convincing at all) my cousin and sister along with me to watch it. Having not eaten all day we popped into Fast Eddy's first scoffing down a beef burger and chips along with a tall glass of coke - just what a girl needs to prepare herself for a three hour movie.

After the movie, which by the way was hilarious we enjoyed a skinny (I know why watch the calories after the burger and chips!) hot chocolate and a lengthy girly gossip - my idea of the perfect ending to a great night out!

Fast Eddy's Beef Burger just what you need before a good chick flick!

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