Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I Wore - Buddakan New York City

Hey guys hope you are all doing OK, especially all my Perth followers who have just been hit with three days of unprecedented storms. I'm on the other side of the world at the moment visiting my other favourite city in the world New York City and thought I'd quickly post a What I Wore post while I have what little WIFI I can get. 

Here's what I wore yesterday to Buddakan (for the uninitiated where Big & Carries rehearsal dinner was held in the first Sex and the City movie). I love, love, love this restaurant and was not disappointed the second time round, I would recommend it to anyone visiting this amazing city.

Anyhoooo here's a breakdown of what I wore.  

Top: Sportsgirl
Belt: Dotti
Ring: YSL Cultstatus
Watch: Marc Jacobs Macys
Clutch: Forever new
Skirt: ZARA (LOVE)
Shoes: Betts

P.S The shopping here has been AMAZEBALLS! I am LOVING S/S collection of ZARA - TO DIE!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Inside Tips From Westfield Insider Alyce Cowell

Westfield Insider Alyce Cowell is the envy of many women - me included! She shops for a living and gets paid to do it - imagine that! I caught up with her on her recent trip to Perth to find out what trends she loves, who her fashion icons are and what we can expect this summer season - here's what she had to say:

What should every woman have in her winter wardrobe?

The four main trends this season are shimmer and shine, lady-like, sixties and print-clash
  •  Shimmer and shine is a lot of sequins, glitter and Lurex.
  •  Lady-like  - lots of cinched in waists, full skirts, structured tops and pointy heels.
  •  Sixties are high necklines and mini hemlines.
  •  Print-clash could be a floral pants with a striped top.
    •  Must have items:
  •  A statement coat
  •  A great pair of jeans
  •  A good pair of boots
  •  A hat
  •  A black dress
Which celebrity in your opinion has a rocking style: 
My answer to this never changes – I am obsessed with the Olsens - they’re my absolute favourites. 
I think they are amazing. 

Spring/Summer trends what can we expect to be wearing in the warmer months?
I’ve noticed lots of neon touches like bags, shoes and accessories – a little splash of it looks great.I think we will see lots of colour.

Which celebrity in your opinion has a rocking style: 

My answer to this never changes – I am obsessed with the Olsens  they’re my absolute favourites I think they are amazing. I just love that they wear whatever they want and don’t care what anybody thinks I love how they kind of just throw something on and they look so good – just effortless.
I also like Diane Kruger I think she always looks great.
How long does it take for you to get ready?

Usually it takes me about an hour.

If I know what I’m wearing it’s significantly less and if my hairs done, again it’s a lot less time.
I think the biggest thing for me is choosing the outfit and I feel better about myself if I like my outfit for the day.
Do you find that there’s more pressure on you now to look amazing now that you are the Westfield Insider – or do you have bad days? 

I absolutely have bad days and if you see me at home where I’m just blogging I’m wearing my zebra print bathrobe so it’s not that glamorous at all.
I’m not glamourous all the time that’s for sure and that’s probably why I take my time to get ready.
Favourite stores to shop in: 
Sportsgirl - it’s my favourite because I always find something I like there and there is always such a range.
Even if you feel like it’s too young for you or doesn’t suit you their accessories are great so there is something there for everyone.
I love Sussan for the accessories.
Wittner for their shoes and Lovisa for their jewellery.

Fashion rule you live by?

My motto is WWMKD – What Would Mary Kate Do.

It's a little motto I live by and somebody actually made me a bangle with that engraved on it for me.
I find one of the best tools to use if you are really not sure where to start with fashion is to pick someone you love – whether it’s someone with the same body shape as you or you just admire what they wear.
Google them and you can get so many ideas from their outfits.
If I’m ever stuck I just think of the Olsens because I love their style and I’ll use their outfits as inspiration. 

We went to: FIVE Bar, Mt Lawley
We enjoyed: Lemon, Lime and Bitters
She wore: Dotti pants, Sportsgirl blazer and tank. Accessories by Lovisa.


Shopping a topic every girl can relate to
Dreaming up my new look!
Relaxing at FIVE Bar
Rocking cobalt blue!

Five Minutes with Manu Feildel

HE’S the cheeky French chef who danced his way into our hearts on last season's Dancing with the Stars. But long before this showman could dance he cooked, cutting his teeth on shows like Ready Steady Cook, Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules. I spent five minutes with the flirty Frenchman in the lead up to this year's Good Food and Wine Show. Here's what he had to say:

Cooking in Choos:In the cooking world is there anybody that inspires you?
My family is full of cooks - they all inspired me to cook.


Cooking in Choos:Do you have a  cooking philosophy?
Cook with love, and keep it simple.   Using great, fresh, local ingredients and cooking it simply is the best rule   in the kitchen.
Cooking in Choos:What does West Australia produce well?
Your truffles - AMAZING!!!! Just don’t tell my friends back in France!
Cooking in Choos:Do you have a signature dish?
My sausage! It is my Scallop Boudin Sausage with Crab Bisque Sauce.
Cooking in Choos:What can Perth fans expect to see at the show?
I cant wait to see everyone in Perth in July.
I plan to have a lot of fun with the audience at the GFWS so make sure you turn the weather on for us.
The Good Food and Wine Show will be held at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre from July 13 to 15. A foodies paradise it will feature more than 250 exhibitors and celebrity chef demonstrations by Ainsley Harriot, Adriano Zumbo and George Calombaris. For more information visit


Cooking in Choos has a three double passes to give away to this year's Perth Good Food Wine Show, to win simply visit Cooking-In-Choos on Facebook and answer this question: Who did Manu Feildel beat to take out the coveted mirrorball trophy in last season's Dancing with the Stars? Pop your answer below or on our Facebook page to win and remember the more you share the page to your friends the more chances you have at winning - Good luck xoxo

Cheeky Cherries!

Manu & I at last year's GFWS


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