Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Masterchef Australia's first restaurant opening - Trevor Forster's Capricci's

- Trevor Forster & I celebrate the launch of Capricci's in Rockingham WA.

It's been a crazy weekend for me and I've had a ball. Last Friday I was invited to attend the launch of former Masterchef contestant, Trevor Forster's, new restaurant Capricci's.

Located on the beautiful Rockingham beachfront I think it is one of the best things to happen to this gorgeous beachside city in a long time.

On Friday night local identities and fellow Masterchef contestants Josh, Kate & Linda flocked to Capricci's to support their old mate who was eliminated from the show after using bait in a team task. However, there was no sign of bait on this night, just champagne and oysters all making for a fabulous night out.

Trevor's down-to-earth personality and friendly nature guarantees his new gig will be successful & with bookings all the way through to November it shows he is already onto a winner.

I wish him, his lovely wife Marianna and the rest of the team at Capricci's all the luck in the world - CONGRATS GUYS I'll be dropping by real soon!!!

Masterchef reunited - Josh, Trevor, me, Linda & Kate.


  1. Masterchef pic looks awesome..cos Im master photographer :p hehe

  2. I went to Capricci's on Rockingham foreshore on Friday evening with my husband and my brother and his partner who were visiting from the UK. Capricci's has always been our favourite restaurant and we were regulars with the previous english owners. The night started ok but went from bad to shocking. Three of the party ordered minestrone soup and three of us ordered bruschetta. The soup was tasteless and full of pasta. There were three soups one had no juice but lots of pasta, the others had all juice and a little pasta. First minestrone soup traditionally does not come with large tubes of pasta. There was no quality control. The three bruschetta's were no different. Basically we got slabs of bread, which was nice, but was topped with cold chopped tomato and broken up white cheese, it was schocking. Nobody ate the soup and we sent it back and told the waitress to complain to the chef. The bruschetta was shared with the rest of the group as it was ok because the bread was nice. Then the main course. My brother had fish pasta, the prawns were not washed and tasted still of the sea, the pasta was ok. The remaining party had lasagne which was dry, cold and tasteless. Again we complained to the waitress but to no avail. I had chicken in white wine sauce on mashed potato. The chick was cooked nice but the sauice had skin on it as if it had been lying around and it was luke warm. The mashed potato was swimming in oil so I only ate the chicken. the bill came to $290 and we only ate 30% of the meal. The soup was the worst yet we still had to pay for it even thought we complained several times that we shouldnt have paid. Totally dissapointing evening considering I had told my brother Capriccis was our favourite restaurant. Since then others have said the same thing so Trevor if you read this you need to sort your kitchen out and listen to your waitress and come out and speak to the customer and at least not charge them for what was sent back!



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