Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mexico Here We Go Again!!

Thursday April 10 2009
Arriba Arriba let's go to Mexico - AGAIN!!!!

After last week's successful visit to Mexico I decided to take my overseas visitors there again but this time a little closer to home. Acapulco Annies Mexican Restaurant and Cantina has been around for almost 30 years yet I'd never stepped foot in their doors and they are literally around the corner from where I live.

Every night from 6pm to 7pm is Happy Hour so imagine my surprise when we rocked up at 6.15pm and were offered the cocktail menu straight off the bat - Margaritas all round!!!

Dinner again was a difficult choice and clouded by six carafes, yes carafes (they don't do things by halves in this joint) of Margaritas I chose to go with the yes you guessed it the Beef Burritto - it just screamed safe to me considering how under the influence I was.

Served by our waitress (a native Mexican) the meal came out complete with Mexican flag in tow and I devoured it whole heartedly, so yummy! Speaking of Miss Mexico, she was fantastic, constantly checking to see if we needed anything else as well as offering some Mexican tourism advice - Los Cabos here I come.

All in all I loved this place and am glad I finally went and experienced a meal here, it was the perfect way to start off my Easter weekend.

Beef Burritos and Margaritas make for a very happy Food Editor!

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