Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beware of the Bridesmaid Dress

- My gorgeous BFF and I at the
P!NK concert last week.

So I was recently asked to be bridesmaid for one of my closest friend's (see left) wedding. Having only tied the knot a few months ago, I'm still on a wedding high and jumped at the chance of honouring my girlfriend on her special day.'

The thing is up until I took the plunge myself, I was petrified of everything weddings and dreaded the moment one of my girlfriends would get married and ask me to be bridesmaid. Now I know you're all thinking SELFISH but no that's not it, I'm not selfish - just scarred from previous walks up the aisle.

You see it started with this satin blue number with silver alfoil train complete with silver gloves - JUST GORGEOUS - NOT!

You see this little number is a product of the late 90's (and no it was never in fashion, since when is alfoil HOT apart from when it's blanketing a roast in the oven - see my point!) and my girlfriends very bad taste at the time. Needless to say it was hideous along with my hair-do and matching bouquet.

My point is brides-to-be, don't make your girls look like products of the 80's. They are there to support you on your big day and although it's YOUR day they want to feel and look special too.

On my wedding day nothing made me smile more that morning then seeing my four girls walk out in their gowns, smiling and feeling sensational. I felt like such a proud mum and could not believe how HOT they all looked (this time I mean HOT as in stunning not alfoil) - it really did make me smile and made for a fantastic day.

Now I know my girlfriend who also goes by the same name as moi has excellent taste so I'm not worried in the slightest. I'm just hoping to continue my mission of losing a couple of kg's so that I too look and feel sensational on her special day - bring it on I say I can't wait!

In the meantime have you got a hideous bridesmaid's dress story to share, I'd love to hear from you.

My four girls SIZZLING on my Wedding Day - told you they were HOT!


  1. My goodness you should know me by now lol I would want all of you to look sexy and I would never want people thinking I got bad taste :)

  2. OMG this is so funny, I can totally relate. I have been involved in a few wedding parties in frocks I would rather forget. Burn them I say!



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