Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Sirens

Wednesday April 15 2009
Those of you who have read my articles before should know I am a Freo girl through and through. I was born and bred in this great town and absolutely love it! Speaking of which with Freo comes my beloved football team the Dockers and mock as you may I have supported them since day dot. So where is this going I hear you ask - well yesterday I attended my first Sirens function. The Sirens are a group of dedicated and PASSIONATE women supporting this fantastic team (who will one day get there).

It's a great little supporter's group who get together to network, enjoy yummy food and wine while talking footy, definitely my idea of fun! Last night we were treated to delicious canapes including broccoli mini tarts, satay chicken kebabs and mini pizzas washed down with wines provided by Swings and Round-a-bouts. We also got to watch the boys first training session, speak to general manager of football operations Chris Bond and after training got to drill players Roger Hayden and Michael Johnson on their game plan. It is a pretty good night out and one I would recommend to any LOYAL, PROUD and PASSIONATE female fans. For more information on the group click Sirens to email the club.

Pizza and wine and I'm good to go - Freo Heave Ho!

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