Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Life in Ruins - A Review

My Life In Ruins Sydney Premiere
Last night I attended a movie premiere for Nia Vardalos'' latest flick My Life in Ruins. I was so looking forward to watching it and couldn't wait to see what this Greek Goddess (and boy does she look like one in this film - just stunning) could come up with after the success of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the not so successful Connie and Carla. Unfortunately what I did see was a slow to start off with film with not as many laughs as I expected.

Vardalos'seems to get typecast into this genre of film where she plays the unlucky in love Greek girl who then finds her true love in the most unexpected circumstances and so the tale of My Life in Ruins begins. Those who want to watch the film for themselves stop reading now, those who don't prepare for a spoiler.

Vardalos plays Georgia a Greek American tour guide who leads a tour around Greece with an assorted group of tourists which include two very badly played Australians (who apparently have drinking problems - drinking VB every minute of the day) who would rather buy a T-shirt than learn anything about the history and culture of Greece. There are also clashes of personalities, cultures and tour bus guide swaps until older traveller Irv Gordon played by Richard Dreyfuss, shows her how to get her KEFI (Greek for Mojo) back. Among all of this she also happens to fall in love with the hairy, scary tour bus driver Prokopis Kaka (Poupi) played by Alexis Georgoulis who transforms himself into an Adonis by the end of the film. Of course it all ends with the Happily Ever After tag with Vardalos offered a raise and deciding Greece is where she should stay instead of returning to the US and taking up a university job.

All in all the film is your typical chick flick (I'm a sucker for these)and does get better as it progresses. The beautiful Greek scenery adds to the viewing pleasure along with Poupi's reveal. Make a night of it and watch it with a bunch of your best girlie friends after dining at your favourite Greek restaurant - WOAO PA!!!(dsiclaimer: plate smashing optional!!)


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