Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The joys of a wedding coordinator.

I had my first wedding disaster last week. Everything has been running relatively smoothly over the course of our engagement so I guess there had to be something to throw a spanner in the works. Regular readers of my column would know I really put my skates on during the past month and have organised a range of things including the cake, invitations and my wedding coordinator. I met with my wedding coordinator last week to discuss the finer details of said event and was assured everything was fine and going as planned. Fast forward to a few hours after the meeting and—surprise—what I had booked with her was actually double booked and therefore no longer available to me. Now I know brides hear of this sort of thing happening all the time but I thought I was actually going to be one of the lucky ones. As it turns out, I’m not, and I have to start again—with the wedding coordinator that is. I did say it was a wedding disaster but maybe I’m being a tad dramatic. Some brides and grooms book venues and months later are given the bad news their venue has been double booked—now that is a nightmare. I couldn’t imagine planning everything according to the venue, sending out invitations and then being told the venue is unavailable —crisis central. This weekend I have another meeting with a different wedding coordinator and unlike the first one, I have already been given confirmation, along with receipts, that what I need for the epic event is all mine on the day— crisis averted. Now I can continue with the more important things like working out what I will be doing for my bachelorette party and no, it does not include me wearing a tiara, veil or anything else brides put on their head— it’s just not me...

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