Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Chief

Last week I met with my bridesmaids to work out their accessories, hairstyles and shoes. My chief bridesmaid, who also happens to be my older sister — let’s just call her ‘‘Chief’’ — is very laid back. She is always late, has no sense of urgency and thinks everything can wait until later. Some people have even suggested that rather than me being late for the wedding, we will be waiting for her. So picture this...I’ve planned a day of shopping with the ladies and I’m ready to tick some more things off my list. I ring my bridesmaids to confirm the 11am appointment only to be told by ‘‘Chief’’ that she has nothing confirmed for the day and is actually going in to work to get some extra cash for our upcoming Singapore holiday. For starters, do you know how hard it is to get four full-time working women over the age of 18 together — it’s extremely hard work. One bridesmaid works for an airline and does shift work, the other works full-time as well as weekends, the third works full-time and is a student and me, well, that’s another story. To have ‘‘Chief’’ casually tell me she is going in to work to earn extra cash and does not have anything confirmed in her diary does not make for a very happy bride-to-be! As it turns out she was able to knock off at lunch-time and meet us in the city and although we did not get far on the accessory, shoe and hairstyle front, I did buy my dream shoes. I’d seen them the week before and needed a second opinion. The minute I put them on I knew they were the
ones and so did everyone else — they were perfect and I could tick another thing off my list. Now I just have to arrange another day out with the girls to get them sorted. This weekend’s out, ‘‘Chief’’ is going in to work — again...

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