Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Decisions, decisions.

I've had trouble sleeping lately. There are just over seven months to go until the big day and I think I’m starting to freak out. Last night I had a dream I was getting ready and the dress was too big— disaster numero uno. Secondly, I got to church and there was nobody there—very strange. Lastly I arrived at the reception and nothing had been set up—a bride’s worst nightmare. See the pattern formulating here — is this all because my plans have come to a sudden halt and I really need to get a move on? I think so, and this week I’m on a mission to change all that and get as much planned as possible. Wedding coordinator—tick, invitations—tick, cake shop—tick. What comes next? That’s right, dj, video man, accessories, transport and flowers. See my dilemma? There is still so much to do when planning a wedding of epic proportions — not my idea of fun by the way, it is just the sort of thing that happens when both parties are from big European families. It seems there are so many people to look after, and so many little things that are easy to forget, for instance RSVPs and seating arrangements. Uncle John does not get along with Uncle Joe, swap them around and oh yes, that’s right, Uncle John does not eat chicken or fish unless he knows where it was caught and what sort of fish it is.See what I mean? Hard work. Now don’t get me wrong, I love our families, but sometimes it would be nice, not to mention cheaper, to take off somewhere exotic like Los Cabos, Mexico and just elope. Me in white strapless dress, sans heels, and Ari in a shirt and shorts, sounds like my idea of a dream wedding, pure bliss. Oh yeah, that’s right, I am dreaming, time to snap out of it and get a move on and organise those flowers. Now where was I? Roses, lilies or tulips? Decisions, decisions...

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