Monday, September 29, 2008

The experts

THE bridal industry is ruthless, so I've come to learn.
Do it this way, no you can't do it that way; it's got to be done like this seems to be the common theme resonating in my head.
Last month I took a week off to organise the last few things on my list.
It felt good crossing them off but the process was oh so painful.
Little things you would not even think about kept creeping up in conversations with suppliers and I guess they are the experts so they know what's right -I hope.
Organising the flowers was simple.
The florist, a personal friend of mine was ever so helpful and even suggested I talk to the reception people to find out their rules and regulations on what you can and cannot have in the reception area.
I know it may sound strange but believe it or not that very helpful piece of advice saved me a lot of money and stress.
What I wanted as my table centrepieces turned out to be a big no go at this wedding venue so lucky I didn't ignore said florist's advice and go ahead with the whole plan.
She would have looked a little silly turning up with 25 floral arrangements only to be shunned and turned away.
So this is where my problem lies, how are we brides-to-be supposed to know what is ok and what is not?
Obviously you ask questions, but when something as simple as a table centrepiece causes you grief it makes you wonder what other silly things could go wrong.
Speaking of silly things, Ari and I met with our DJ the other night to talk all things wedding entertainment.
Again it was another eye-opener with me and Ari questioning our nuptial plans.
Ari and I are not your typical Shania Twain, Leeanne Rimes or Celine Dion fans so picking a song outside this playlist might prove a little difficult.
Going through the extensive list was like sifting through mud, songs like Grease megamix
and Dancing Queen just didn't fit into the jazzy, soulful music plan we were hoping for.
My DJ however, has assured me that a happy medium between the two is what will work best and who am I to disagree, he is the expert after all - right?

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