Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Questions, questions!

It has been a busy couple of weeks in my wedding world and I’m already tired of listening to the sound of my voice – it goes a little something like this. “We are looking for somewhere to fit 250people. “No we are not sure if we will have a sitdown, cocktail or buffet style menu. “No we haven’t come up with a theme yet...do we really have to right this minute?” It seems the questions are endless and I should have a pre-recorded message on me every timeI’m asked something. You see the last two weeks have been focused on finding a venue to hold this mighty soiree and let me tell you it’s been no easy feat. But nevertheless Ari and I have now finally narrowed it down to two places - one a little more formal and the other, a little more relaxed with gorgeous views. I’m hoping we go with the latter but only time will tell. Now we’ll spend the next two weeks weighing up the pros and cons and working out what will best suit our needs. The reception is where our guests will spend the majority of their time so making it extra special will surely leave a lasting impression. I’m hoping to create something different, a little classy and timeless and between the two I’m sure this will be achieved. The task now is to bite the bullet and make the decision, oh and choose the caterer, pick the dress and choose a theme. Oh no, here we go again with all the questions, where’s that damn tape recorder.

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