Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm new at this people!

Working in the publishing industry is a good thing. I love it - it's my dream job. Lately though I've felt the need to express myself just that little bit more. Yeah there's FACEBOOK - my latest addiction and yeah there's news, there's always news but I feel like I need to get a little creative. Now I'm from the dark ages so when a friend suggested I start a blog, I was like, a what the!!!Hence the title of this post.....All this computer stuff scares the bejeezes out of me. Did I press the right button, will the pic upload and why the heck did it not save mmmh. Really all I want is an outlet where I can just play and write about things that amuse me and interest me. These include my three F's Fashion, Food and Footy....and yes I mean all at the same time. I'm also planning my big Portuguese/Italian wedding so if you have any advice drop me an email, I'd love to hear from you!
Belle xox

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