Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The dress!

Love is definitely in the air at my work place. Since I announced my engagement in December three more loved up couples have decided to tie the knot—one in our administration department, one in sales and one in our editorial department. Speaking for myself though I can say my plans are running along nicely, so where do I begin? We have booked the photographer, chosen and ordered the bridesmaids’ dresses—and I bought my dress. Notice how I kept you waiting on that bit of information. That’s right, the most important part of the a bride’s day is the dress, and that too is now taken care of. I bought it a few weeks ago after initially trying it on in January. I know this may seem early but these things can take up to a year to get in— hence the hurry. So I tried it on in January along with about 10 other styles ranging from the sleek and simple to the marshmallow kind. Lo and behold, it was the last one I tried and the one I’ve had my eyes on since he put the sparkler on my finger. A lot has been asked about the gown in question and tempting as it may be to gush about it all day long, this is one thing I’m keeping to myself— everything else in due time people ...

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