Monday, November 24, 2008

The Ick Factor Part 2

HELP, I am being invaded by cheese!
No, not Brie or Camembert—that’s the kind you eat and enjoy.
I’m talking about the kind that makes you gag because everything just seems too much—got it?
Planning my impending nuptials I have noticed a lot of what I call the ‘‘cheese factor’’.
Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a little bit of romance but when people starting clinking their champagne glasses every 30 seconds to see the bride and groom share a smooch, it can all get a little too much.
Add to that the Everything I do, I do for you song choices, the Birdy Dance and Macarena line dancing and the releasing of doves or all screams ‘‘cheese’’to me.
Whose bright idea was it to come up with dancing in sync with fellow guests to cheesy songs like the Macarena—or dare I say it, Achy Breaky Heart?
I’m no expert on this matter, but that isn’t my idea of fun, just a form of torture.
Speaking of torture, a couple of weeks I attended a friend’s wedding (no, I’m just kidding it really wasn’t that bad).
The couple, both of European backgrounds, celebrated in style and what I would describe as ‘‘different’’.
Put it this way, an outsider looking in would have wondered what sort of ritual was going on.
Similiar to the Greek wedding I wrote about earlier this year, this wedding had all that and more.
The guest list was 300 plus and the church was a little place that could fit no more than 60 guests.
People were gathered outside the church, unable to get in, while others inside were packed in like sardines.
Inside, the groom, a shy type of guy had a red velvet crown on his head— his blushing bride also had the head piece on.
The ceremony went for more than an hour and included the dance around the altar, the ‘‘times three ritual’’ and a money throwing ceremony.
Yes, you heard right, in the middle of the ceremony guests got up and starting throwing money at the bride and groom and there was no busking in sight.
At the reception there was more money throwing, dancing in circles and a band who were not paid but smacked on the forehead with $100 notes.
Again I reiterate that every wedding is special in its own way and seeing this tradition certainly got me thinking of some of the quirky traditions Ari and Imight pull out of a hat to surprise our
One thing I know for sure is that it won’t involve cheese of any kind.

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