Thursday, August 30, 2012

Giuliana Rancic Breast Cancer Charity H&M Dress

Hey guys have been waiting for the right moment to blog about this and with baby Rancic on its way - I decided today is the day!

As some of you may or may not be aware I visited the US earlier this year for a well-earned vacay. While I was there I indulged in my favourite past-times - eating and shopping and a little research. I also had a couple of meetings with some pretty special people who will be helping my sister-in-law and I for our annual Breast Cancer Care WA event (more deets on that to come).

Anyways while I was there I got to attend a very special sale for the National Breast Cancer Association of America held by a very special person - Giuliana Rancic. I also got filmed (not on purpose - while shopping) for the couple's television series Giuliana and Bill (only in the US do these out of the blue things happen - love it!)

Here's a snap-shot of what happened below and before you ask no I didn't get to meet her (unfortunately she was unwell and did not come), however I got to meet her assistant Sarah, her friend Robbie and a bunch of others who regularly appear on the show. I also got to purchase two of her items, worn by her  and featured on the show's most recent episode - a special edition Lime H&M dress.

As I type this up Giuliana and Bill are preparing to welcome their little boy into the world. I love everything about this couple and wish them all the best for their new chapter as parents - they deserve it!

Camera crew filming at It's a Wrap Burbank

It's a Wrap sell pre-loved clothing & accessories worn by celebs
The notice telling everyone they were filming Giuliana & Bill
Giuliana was supposed to come
Giuliana in the last episode of the series & me in "the dress"

Cooking in Choos images by Nicole Duncan Photography

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