Friday, August 10, 2012

Indulging Hoodies

Hey guys, good news I made it through to round three of the Indulge Fashion Bloggers competition - woo (and big pat on the back for you guys for getting me through)! OK So this week's number has arrived and it's a doozie - a FATE camel coloured hooded jacket. I don't normally wear camel (just doesn't suit my skin tone) or hoodies unless I'm off to the footy in the rain so this was a challenge for me - let me assure you.

I went through my wardrobe and tried on heaps of outfits and the only one that seemed to semi-work was the jeans, boots, hoodie combo - but I wanted different! You can't win a competition with the same old same old so this is what I came up with - what do you think?

I think the camel, black and gold tones work really well together. It creates a warm look about it and the tones are bang on for winter. I also love the textures of the different fabrics in this combo - AMAZE! 

OK again it's up to you - if you like what you see and want to see more you have to LIKE my outfit on the Indulge Facebook page and share it with all your friends. I'm loving this and want to stay in the comp so all your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your support so far and please keep me in the competition xo

Photography by Nicole Duncan Photography.

FATE hooded jacket @ Indulge Clothing: $119.95
Black cotton long sleeve top bought from Melbourne: $19.95
Leather a-line skirt bought in Canada: $149.95
Necklace from Forever 21: $14.95
Rings: YSL $275 and House of Harlow $89.95
Clutch: Vintage Chanel
Opaque tights: $14.95
Ankle boots: Ruby Shoes $59.95.

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