Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Perth Gems - Olympic Edition Eamon Sullivan

With the Olympics starting this week I thought it was timely to put up a Q&A piece I did 
on Perth swimmer Eamon Sullivan last year. The part-owner of funky Subiaco cafe Louis Baxter likes to get out and enjoy his city when he's home - here are his favourite places to be:
  • Favourite city bar: The Stanley in Wembley is a great spot to kick back and have a wine or two.
  • Favourite city restaurant: The Greenhouse is great - I love the concept.
  • Favourite city cafe/coffee spot : It has to be Louis Baxters in Subiaco. Mainly because I am the owner, but I believe the coffee we use (Campos) is one of the best beans in Australia at the moment. 
  • Favourite city Burger Bar: I don't really go out for burgers but if I had to say one I guess 'Jus Burgers' in Subiaco 
  • Favourite city Sushi: Taka in the city is one of my favourite Japanese places in Perth. 
  • Cake shop : Sherbet Cakes in Maylands has scrumptious cakes.

Eamon at a cooking demonstration at TAFE last year

Signing my book

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