Friday, November 4, 2011

Frocktober in November - Melbourne Cup EDITION

Apologies for being MIA over the last few days, I'm on holidays, have family visiting from overseas and  it's been CRAZY BUSY!!! As well as this I've been a little under the weather & trying to shake off a cold hence Oct 31st's lack of FROCK.

As promised though 31 frocks for Frocktober so I kept the Frock theme going on until Tuesday which was Melbourne Cup Day.

Those of you who read my blog know I am OBSESSED with anything Spring, Autumn - racing and carnivals. The glamour, the excitement, the champagne - everything about racing carnivals gets me excited. This year however there were a few things that didn't go my way and I ended up doing something completely different and suprisingly enough I had a fabulous time and would do again if the opportunity came up.

You see last year I decided (after being so annoyed at missing last year's cup, you can read about that HERE ) that I would be in Flemington this year. Turns out it wasn't meant to be don't ask and I ended up with nothing to do - cue my lifesaving friend Dianna (who also won an award for best dressed on the day) who organised a girly lunch with a few of her favourite girlfriends at Burswood's Modo Mio Restaurant.

Anyhoo after dealing with the drama of not being able to attend The Cup, I resigned myself to the fact that it probably wasn't going to be worth going to anyway (I mean really, who goes to these things anyways - I'm looking at you SJP, Miss Jay, Shurley & you Joan Collins) and maybe, just maybe it wasn't my time to get back there. That of course was until I got a beautiful invite for brunch with Dan McPherson, Vince Collosimo, Rikki Lee and MEL B!!!! I think I died again just quietly!!!

But it gets better so after coming to terms with the fact that I was not going to get up close and personal with my celebrity free pass (Dan McPherson for those of you playing at home) I again got back into the spirit of celebrating Cup Day at one of the nicest restaurants in Perth and decided a new frock was in order - you know, to make me feel better and for Frocktober of course!!

This is where it gets funny people, funny for you, not so funny for me - new shoes, new frock, vintage head piece RTW and a BLOODY wardrobe malfunction!!!! My beautiful dress, bought the day before ruined with the husband having to strategically remove it from me as I had a mini (OK it was major) meltdown in the bathroom. Once removed I tried fixing it, I did, but could not think of anything more scary then my backside on display while guests tucked into their barramundi - cue operation back-up dress.

My back-up dress, which I now refer to as the one that saved the day, was lovely - just lovely but what broke my heart the most was no matching headpiece (the unfinished person in the pic below is me). Race-day is all about the headwear and on the biggest day in our Racing Calendar I had no head piece cue the violins

Anyways to finish on a high note, it really did turn out to be an awesome day with lots and lots of laughs, good food, copious amounts of bubbly, fashion and dancing. And as for those of you wondering what happened to the dress - it went back the next day and as for Melbourne Cup Day 2012, I'm already onto it ; )

Burswood Glamour 
About to tuck into the yummy fare @ Modo Mio
Insalata Misto Mare - Yum!
Dish of the day - Tiramisu
Dianna & I dancing off the alcomahol @ Eve

Frock deets: Frock by Wish, Necklace by Sportsgirl, Ring by YSL, Shoes by Wittner and purse vintage - my high school ball one actually!

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