Monday, November 7, 2011

NEW LOOK, NEW MENU @ Rydges CBD Restaurant Perth

I haven't written a personal restaurant review on this blog for a while. There's a few reasons why - I do it a lot for work and just like everybody else like to enjoy dining out sometimes without having to take notes, pics etc, secondly you can read a lot of my reviews in ishoperth and lastly I haven't come across a great lunchtime feed in a while - that is until I dined at the Rydges CBD Restaurant last week. This, well this I had to share.

I had actually heard the hotel's CBD Restaurant had gone through a few changes including with their menu and their new head chef Sam Southall (who I interviewed earlier this year see ishoperth interview below) so when thinking of places to dine for a girlie catch up I thought I'd give it a go.

The lunch menu (see below) is reasonably priced with the most expensive item on the menu Wagyu @ $62. On this day the two of us tried the Cauliflower Soup with truffled hazelnut honey (AMAZING!) for our entree and the linguini with meatballs, parmesan, tomato, tomato and basil was my choice for a main.
I'm not one to go for soup when I dine out, because I'm usually left underwhelmed, but this delicious and light dish served in a little le creuset pot was just beautiful. Creamy but not rich and just delightful I could have easily had a second serve - yum!

The linguini was cooked perfectly al dente (to the tooth) and the combination of tomato, olive, basil and parmesan is always going to be a winner for me. Add to that melt -in-your-mouth meatballs and I'm a happy girl. 

It was a pleasant afternoon and sitting amongst the city suits lunching it was nice to relax and not worry about going back to work or even having to write anything down - just perfect. So next time you're in the city drop in and say hello, have a bite, or enjoy a drink and say I sent you ;) Bom Approveito!

Linguini with meatballs, tomato, olives and basil - YUM!


My interview with CBD Restaurant head chef Sam Southall

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