Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Race that stops the Nation

So I'm feeling a little sorry for myself today, because unlike the rest of the Australia (or so it seems) I'm going to be confined to four walls working, instead of in the sunshine, frocked up, sipping champagne and punting at one of the greatest events on our nation's social calender - The Melbourne Cup!

ARGGGGGGGGGH Now that I've got that off my chest I feel a hell of a lot better. You see Melbourne Cup for me has become a bit of a traditional holiday and why it's not a public holiday is beyond me, I mean doesn't the Queen have enough birthdays but that's another post altogether! I digress anyhoo - Almost every year with the odd exception I have the day off and head out to Ascot or Flemington (OK, we did it once but it does sound so nice when you say it!!!!) with my girlfriends, have a drink and lastly place the all important bet. I love it and not just because you get to glam up and have a drink. I genuinely enjoy the big occasion, the race and the atmosphere.

Over the years I've gotten to know a bit more about horseracing too and trust me, this helps especially when you have a twenty on one (see not a big gamble but I get involved). The studying usually starts before Spring Carnival and end around Stakes Day. I go through the form guide, look at the trainer, find out who the jockey is and I've got this all down to a real fine art.

This year however with the whole work thing "getting in the way of life" I've not given it a second glance and I miss it, I really do. So with that in mind the planning is in place and guess where I'll be this time next year? Yep you betcha Flemington!!!

So what is that you're all getting up to today? Have you got a special Melbourne Cup Luncheon to attend, are you hitting up Ascot or even better Flemington? Oh and have you picked a winner? Would love to hear from you, Belle xo

Pic: Melbourne Cup 2008 with the girls at Flemington L to R: Belinda, Jade, Myself and sister Nelita.


  1. Well Belle, I too was at work and didn't give the race too much forethought and so I made myself a paper hat and stuck it in my hair with a paperclip! I didn't win in the office sweepstakes but I did lend $5 to the girl who took out the competition....grrr.

  2. OMG Suzie I would have loved to have seen your milliner expertise - too funny!!! I entered the work sweepstake but nobody told me what horse I had so I have no idea where it came in!!



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