Friday, May 22, 2009

The New Nigella?? You just never know!!!!!

OK so my latest guilty pleasure is cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I'm only working three days a week so the chances of being a little more adventurous with my cooking is higher than normal. This week I attempted rigatoni with tomato braised lamb shanks - DELICIOUS!!! I served it to my husband, cousin and her boyfriend and all agreed I outdid myself this time.

I've always loved to cook and with the influences of my new Food & Lifestyle Channel subscription, the new series of Australian Masterchef and the fact I'm editing a Food magazine I feel as though I'm being pushed to better myself through food (not good for the waistline but definitely great for my taste buds!)

It's crazy I'm even thinking if I keep this up I should audition for next years series - watch this SPACE!!!!Speaking of TV series, I'm due to appear as a guest chef on Foxtel's Aurora Channel on the Charlies Kitchen Show. I interviewed him a while back for Menu Magazine and need to get back to him with recipes for a three-course meal to prepared on his show. Any ideas people??? Keep me posted and in the meantime I best check on my chocolate souffle...mmmm yummo!

Me the new Nigella - Imagine that!!!!
British Comedy Awards 2006 - Arrivals

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  1. Too funny!! I can't wait to see you on the show, sound like so much fun



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