Thursday, May 14, 2009

I tried avoiding this but I just couldn't help myself!

I was trying to keep this post light and fluffy but I just have to get this off my chest. Being a West Australian means we don't get to see or hear about Rugby League a lot so we don't quite comprehend the enormity of it all. I relate it to what we Sandgropers experience watching one of our beloved AFL teams.

The NRL is a major entity over East and their players (as are ours) considered role models. Everyone knows their names, who they play for and what goes on in their daily lives. These guys get paid mega bucks playing a game they know and love and are adored for it.

My point you ask??? "The Matty Johns Sex Scandal". I know a lot of people are probably sick and tired of hearing about it - I am too. But it's been playing on my mind and has been the topic of much conversation since last week's NRL Footy Show apology.

This incident (which from all accounts is not the first) can no longer be swept under the carpet - it's well and truly come to the fore. This week's Four Corner's episode along with Tracy Grimshaw's interview on ACA last night have ensured this.

Watching both interviews I found it to be a real sorry state of affairs for both parties(I can't even begin to imagine what the victim or his wife is going through right now). Johns' has copped all the flak and deservingly so, but what I want to know is what about the other players and staff who were involved in the incident? Are they going to do get off scott free while the victim and Johns' family try to piece back their lives?????

I'm an avid sports follower and love all codes including AFL, Rugby Union and Soccer. These sports stars like it or not are Role Models, they are paid to play the game and along with that comes adulation, money and success. I also understand that they too are like the rest of us and make mistakes (many of which end up on the front page) but that's the price you pay when you are in the spotlight as most of them are.

Last year we saw the infamous case of Ben Cousins splashed all over our TV screens and this year it seems it's the NRL'S turn. Just as the AFL made their stance I think it's high time the NRL made theirs - God knows it's overdue!

Footballers Behaving Badly - OVER IT!!!

Matthew Johns with co-host Paul "Fatty" Vautin at this year's Logies.

51st TV Week Logie Awards - Winners Room

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