Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bikram Yoga - A new form of torture!

Last week I was coaxed into trying the latest craze hitting gyms everywhere - Bikram Yoga. My cousin, let's call her Jados, told me she'd been reading my blog regularly and had a fantastic idea for my blog (thanks Jados but next time keep your ideas to yourself)on keeping active during winter. Me (idiot) said very enthusiastically, "OMG I've heard about that, isn't everyone doing it - I'd love to give it a go, when???"

Next thing you know I'm signing up for a two week introductory course of 90 minutes of torture. Now, people who know me, know, that it's hard enough getting me to the gym to workout, dance, jog, relax or whatever. So to rock up to a class to spend 90 mins in 40 degrees, stretching, breathing, chanting and sweating oops I'm mean dripping with sweat (and trying not to laugh) was no mean feat.

This place was packed and everyone in the room was about a size two(the women) and sculpted like the Statue of David (well the men anyway). Me, well I'm a little on the softer side and as the whole class came to appreciate not that flexible or athletic either.

After what seemed like 5hrs hours as opposed to 90mins I did feel somewhat refreshed, lighter and relieved that I WILL NEVER HAVE TO GO BACK AGAIN!!!Yogas never been my forte and in 40 degrees FORGET IT!
I think from now on I'll just stick to the basics - RPM Class - pure bliss (who would have thought!)

No more ideas people - that is all.......

Relaxed, I don't think so - me after a tough class of Bikram Yoga


  1. I also tried Bikram Yoga and you are right it is a killer!!! What's next on your list of things to try?

  2. i think you should work more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oh my, you look absolutely exhausted!! i'd hate to see what it would do to me, i'm the most unfit person i know!!!

  4. Bahahaha! Told you lol. Heard you were funny, wish I was there xxx

  5. So I guess youre coming again this week? Bahahah!



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