Friday, May 8, 2009

The Chopping Block -To chop or not to chop????

OK people I need your help - here goes. To the left, to the left (gotta love Beyonce) this is me right NOW as I blog away on my keyboard. Below me is a pic of the lovely Shelly Craft and one of Victoria Beckham. My dilema is should I go the chop or keep my long, luscious locks????

Truth be known I've always had fine hair but almost four months ago I got extensions for the wedding. Of course I loved them at the time and they certainly served a purpose but now, well now, they're just getting in the way.

Slowly, slowly I've been losing them and I'll be getting them permantley removed soon but once they're gone what should I do?

I love the original Posh - Pob not her latest pixie do she's sporting and on Sunday night while watching the Logies I couldn't help but notice Miss Shelly Craft looking awesome on the red carpet with a sassy, short look.

Now before the proposal it looked like I could do this thing and go all the way, today, well ahh I'm not so confident as I'm privvy to the nasty growing stages. You know the one where it gets to the stage where it's no longer a style or for that matter even looking any good, so you cut it again and you're back where you started from.

So the questions still remains do I do it or should I just forget it? Don't they say a change is as good as a holiday? And God knows I'm needing one of them PRONTO!

Let me know what you think should I stay, go the Shelly or try the Pob???? HELP!!!!

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  1. the Pob is so much hotter than Shelley Craft's cut... much more sophisticated and modern, and a little edgy at the same time... I say go for it :p

  2. The pob is the way to go! Layered hair is always in fashion. Sexy and chic, you can pull off the glamazon look. Don't go for Shelley's ordinary bob.

    Pob: Numero Uno
    Bob: Nada

  3. i say, the nicole richie shoulder cut then the pob... after seeing the other haircut i think it looks cooler... plus if you cut it off, i can steal the rest of your hair and use it as hair extensions... hehe :D

  4. Antonietta MirollaJune 9, 2009 at 5:34 PM

    Loving your blogspot it's awesome..... also go for the POB!!!



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