Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ann Margaret - Vintage Vixen & Style Icon with a Side of Elvis

While cooking up a storm in the kitchen this afternoon I could not take my eyes of the telly - Viva Las Vegas was on. I love a good old fashion Elvis movie and must confess my absolute favourite is Fun in Alcapulco (dad and I can watch that one over and over again without ever tiring of it). 

Today though I got to watch this classic and was mesmerised. I love Elvis, always have, always will but in this movie the one who took my breath away was Ann Margaret. Stunningly beautiful with no signs of silicone, a complete natural beauty not often seen on many stars today. I love her sassy, vintage style - just gorgeous.  

Do you agree? Who are your favourite screen sirens? Would love to hear from you xo

Pretty in Pink
This reminds me of the Carrie & Big twist scene - LOVE

Would have loved to have danced cheek to cheek with Elvis - yum!

Driving off into the sunset

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