Sunday, January 2, 2011

Food glorious Food!

It's been a great last couple of weeks. I've caught up with old friends, been to a Christmas party or two and having decided to jump off the no-carb bandwagon, spent the last few Sundays eating my way around the northern suburbs.

First stop Il Circolo on Angove Street in North Perth. This little Italian style trattoria serves up hearty breakfasts, coffee, cake and traditional Italian fare and having only had a light breakie hubby and I and were looking for something to curb our hunger.

Il Circolo  have a simple menu with a little bit of everything to suit most appetites and on this visit the Beef Ragu Tortelli got the nod. Light, fresh and delicious the Tortelli was definitely a good choice and went down even easier with an Italian Aranciata (Orange soda water). 

I would recommend Il Circolo for breakfast, light lunches or a quick coffee but if you are looking for something fancier try elsewhere. All in all though it's good value for money and I'll be revisiting them soon. Score: 3/5

Beef Ragu Tortelli
So after our visit to Il Circolo we decided to grab dessert at the Sherbet Cafe and Bake Shop in Maylands. I'd only heard good things about this quaint little coffee shop-cum-bakehouse and was dying to find out if it was all true.

Reminiscent of New York's famous Magnolia Bakery this cute little gem has something for everyone. Whether it's high tea with the ladies, a light brunch or sweet treat you're after Sherbet do it all and what I love most is the way they stay true to English tradition, presenting their yummy morsels on vintage china.

I can't wait to get back there to try their coffee and red velvet cake. Score: 5/5

The pastel blue sign outside Sherbet in Maylands

Cupcakes anyone? Chocolate, Banana/Caramel and Vanilla -Delish!
Also during our break we've been getting into the entertaining and trialling out different recipes. The latest one doing the rounds in the kitchen is our prawn pizza along with any cured meat we have in the fridge. I never thought the seafood/meat combo would be any good but after trying Theo Kalogeracos' (of Little Caesar's fame) Jane's Addiction it has become my favourite type of pizza to eat. So....since then we've done ham and pancetta and this time we thought we'd mix it up by adding salami. The verdict - another winning combination. Try it if you're game and want a change from the Margarita, Capriciosa varieties.

Prawn, Salami and Mozzarella Pizza

So now it's time for dessert.......again and this dish is c/o Nigella Lawson and inspired by one of my favourite bloggers Mia Freedman  (click if you want to see her attempt this dish or read along to find out more). Mia doesn't get in the kitchen much and admits to not really having the culinary skills to create masterpieces BUT all power to her because at least she gives it a shot.
These tasty treats contain only five ingredients and are simple, delicious and best of all can be made in no time. If you want to try them at home yourself send me an email and I'll get back to you with the recipe otherwise feel free to click on the link and enjoy Mia at her best. Bon Apetite!  
Nigella's Peanut Butter & Chocolate Slice

Has the silly season had you getting busy in the kitchen I'd love to hear from you - B xoxo                                                               

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