Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Year Resolutions

Yeah, yeah I know it's been done to bits but with the holiday season well and truly over I thought it best to write down my goals for the coming year. OK here goes:

  1. Pay off and reduce my debt: The old credit card took a beating over Christmas and this year I want to get into the habit of paying for things with $$$$$ and reducing my debt.
  2. Fundraising: Last year I, along with a few others held a Quiz Night for the Madeira,Portugal floods. It was very successful with more than 350 people turning up and a total of just over $15K raised. It was a mammoth task and one I would never do again ( IPhones, Blackberrys etc just spoil the fun of a good-old fashion quiz night - so never ever again). However I will be holding a few fundraisers throughout the year for various charities close to my heart & I will keep you posted as more details come to hand.
  3. Blog more: This year I will be spending more time online (even though hubby thinks I married to the laptop as it is)  using my time wisely and blogging more about my foodies adventures and travel escapades (I know I've already promised this but some of my pieces are being published therefore I'm waiting to post until they hit newsstands - again deets to come soon). I'm going to be adding competitions where readers of my blogs can win cookbooks, food vouchers and more yummy treats so keep your eyes peeled for these. I'll also be adding video blogs of me cooking some of my favourite dishes in the kitchen along with a few special guests as well as chef interviews and other video surprises.
  4. Travel: I want to see the world but this year I'm staying close to home and checking out the beautiful places in our great country. First on the hit list is Melbourne in March for the Good Food Fest to meet the lovely and amazing, Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson - can't wait! While we're there we are also looking at visiting  Daylesford and trying out their many beautiful spas. '
  5. Get in tip-top shape: The downfall of being a food writer is the weight gain and slowly, slowly I've seen my clothes size get bigger and bigger. This year I've seen a dietitian who has devised a healthy eating plan which I will follow  along with an exercise plan which includes Zumba, resistance training and Pilates & hopefully I'll be back to my pre-wedding weight before I know it!
That's it folks so what about you guys do you have any New Year Resolutions? I'd love to hear from you Bx

Bringing in 2011 with family & friends


  1. My resolutions pretty much sound like yours except the travel, I so am going to do a bit more further away traveling this year and really looking forward to it.

  2. Good for you! I did the travel abroad last year & am hoping to get back there next year so am sticking close to home in 2011. Enjoy your travels & let me know where you head off to - I'd love to hear all about it. Bx



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