Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Video Posts - do you want them?

Hi guys

I'm looking at changing things up on Cooking in Choos for the New Year and one thing I was thinking of doing was adding some video posts. Before I do this though I was wondering what you all think about it? Would you like to see me start this up and what would you like to see me post on? I'm thinking a few how-to recipe posts to begin with and maybe a few celeb/chef interviews - so what do you think? I'd love to hear from you B x


  1. Think it's a great idea to have some short 'how to' or chatting about your restaurant experiences at Cooking in Choos.

  2. A most excellent idea! Avail yourself of all media sources! I'm turning a couple of my cookbooks into e-books and kindle. Then we could do an interview together or come and film the kids cooking class with interview and you be4 or after! Hap NY from Margaret River until the 16th!

  3. Thanks ladies will definitely be introducing them as well as a few other new features so stay tuned. Susanne I will chat to you when you get back after the 16th. Belle xo



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