Friday, November 26, 2010

Life Makeover

Following the Oprah post how appropriate is it that I launch into My Life Makeover post. Every so often we go through changes, big, small and some just so damn meaningful. We need them to keep us on our toes and stop us from becoming complacent - well that's how I've decided to look at it anyway.

This year I've gone through a few changes I'd like to share with you all (that's if' you're interested otherwise read the other posts some of them are quite entertaining if this one isn't your thing.....just don't leave - please). Note-to-self wreaking of desperation does not a great blogger make! Moving on shall we.

  • Career move: I've been lucky enough to combine two things that I love doing into the one job while continuing my passion on the side. It's been great because not only am I loving what I do all day long, I come home and get to dabble with my creative side. It's a win-win situation.

  • Learning: You should never stop learning and you should try something new everyday. I did a little bit of this over the year and I can honestly say I've come out a better person. The goal for next year is to continue the growth.

  • Travel: Having travelled to some of the most amazing parts of the world this year, I've certainly contracted the Travel Bug - again. With a couple of interstate travel plans already on the cards for next year I can safely say I think this bug is here to stay.

So there are mine, now what are yours? Have you had any changes in your life - big or small, I'd love to hear from you. Belle xo

Confused at the pic that follows this post? It's just one of the makeovers I pulled on our non-suspecting guest room, now transformed into my office/study. Painted & completed all on my own - mission accomplished.

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