Monday, January 4, 2010

My big Holiday Adventure

Woohoo - We've done it! Yep we finally booked our dream holiday to the US and Paris and I'm so, so excited I can hardly breathe!!!!

Hubby & I have been planning this for more than two years and with all the craziness that's been happening it sort of slipped away from us for a while, but not anymore - it's happening!!!

OK so where are we going I hear you ask - first stop Sydney (but just for an overnighter) then off on the Qantas A380 to Los Angeles. From LA we then do five nights in Cabo San Lucas Mexico eeeeeeeeeee (I so can't wait for this), then from Mexico we do three nights in LA, four nights in Vegas, three nights in Miami and wait for it two and a half weeks in New York, New York woohooo!!! From New York we fly to Paris and spend one whole week there to which we come home via Hong Kong for a four day visit and then fly back to Perth.

All up it's a six week holiday & although not very long for some it's still my DREAM HOLIDAY and I can't wait!!!

Have you had a dream holiday, where you counted down the days til take off? What's your dream destination? I'd love to hear from you - Cooking in Choos :)

P.S FYI - My dream destinations: NYC, Mexico, Paris, Greece & Brazil - hey three out of five aint bad!!! P.P.S - 159 days til takeoff!!!

Times square - New York on New Year's Eve
NIVEA Presents the Times Square New Year�s Eve Celebration

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