Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze - A True Gentleman of the Screen

It's been one hell of a year this year - both good and bad. And this morning we lost yet another superstar of the screen in Patrick Swayze. My memories of PatrickSwayze as I'm sure with all of you lie strongly around his role as Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing. This was the second movie I saw him in after the classic movie The Outsiders (not only a great movie but featured some of the best eye candy you will ever see in one movie).

Patrick went on to do a lot of movies including another one of personal favourites Ghost, Road House (hot hot hot), Young Blood and Point Break, all of which were helped me, my sisters and cousins get through those awkward teenage years - I mean which woman didn't dream of being Baby, Dr Clay or Molly in Ghost.

Today we lost one of the true gentlemen of Hollywood, who not only oozed class, style and humility. His courage in fighting this horrible disease that touches us all in some shape or form is to be commended and looked upon when we too are having a bad day.

May you now rest in peace with the others who have gone before you and may your light shine on forever in our hearts and in your movies always. You will be sorely missed....

Feel free to share your favourite Patrick Swayze movie or to leave a comment.

RIP Patrick Swayze 18/08/1952 - 15/09/2009
Tragic Patrick Swayze died earlier today after a long battle with cancer, he was 57


  1. All his movies are classics! What a great guy. Goodbye xx

  2. When I was little and saw ghost. he was my first love :)

  3. hi, new to the site, thanks.



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