Sunday, September 6, 2009

Food Glorious Food - Belles Fave Dishes of the last THREE Weeks!!!

A few weeks ago I promised I post about my Favourite Dish of the Week in my blog - BUT I've been quite slack (in posting that is) and have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen instead!! So tonight rather than give you one dish this week I'm listing my fave dishes from the last three weeks. Again if you like what you see email me and I'll email through the recipe - Bom Approveito!!! (I'm learning how to say enjoy your meal in every language possible)

This slow cooked beef stew is one of my favourite things to cook. It reminds me of living at home with mum & day and its so easy it really does cook itself'!! It's the perfect meal to enjoy on a cold winter's night.

This pasta with sugo (Rigatoni with fresh tomato sauce) is a regular in our household. It's so easy to whip up and all you need to do is add some mince or gravy beef and some shaved parmesan and it will transport you to Italy in an instant - YUM!!

This beef stir-fry is a quick and easy meal perfect to whip up after a hard day at work. I haven't really done it much lately and I've missed it so it was good to cook it up again.

I held an afternoon tea for Father's Day and my sister-in-laws birthday so for the first time ever I BAKED!! It may not seem like a big deal because I enjoy cooking but let me tell you cooks and bakers are two different breeds. For me baking requires a lot patience (none of which I have)and I think a lot hope for things to work out the way they look in the cookbooks. So here is my baking attempt Hazelnut Chocolate Tart and Strawberry Tiramisu (no baking required here and actually quite easy), I also threw in fruit skewers dipped in chocolate for good measure too.

The Hazelnut Chocolate Tart was actually a winner on the day despite my pastry making dramas!!!

My version of Tiramisu - Strawberry instead of coffee. This dessert would be great on a hot summers night with a sweet glass of white, just glorious...

So there you have it hopefully this week I'll come up with something new for you to check out - Food is life so eat & enjoy!!!


  1. You can bake me the hazlenut chocolate-heaven tart- anytime!

    Have you become a stepford wife and gotten into baking?

  2. Hey Tellisha I'm happy to hear you like the look of the Chocolate Tart. You'll be sad to learn that there is none left but I'm more than happy to give you the recipe if you would like to give it a whirl!!!

  3. And no I'm not a Stepford wife but I sure as hell feel like one lately - Bree actually from Desperate Housewives!!!!

  4. That Beef stew would have to be my fav - I just Luurrve savoury dishes! ;D



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