Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Little Indian

WITH the wedding only weeks away I had my first bridezilla moment last week.
It went something like this.
My bridesmaid - I'll call her "Little Indian'' stayed with me the night after undergoing a minor medical procedure in hospital.
Having slept off her anaesthetic she came out all gung-ho wanting to help me work on my wedding place cards.
"They look easy, it's not rocket science,'' she said.
Wanting to move the task along I thought why not, after all how hard could it really be?
Left side, punch hole on top, right side, punch hole on the bottom - too easy.
"OK, go for it," I said.
"They are all yours."
Excited I had conned someone into helping me with the painful task I relaxed and got swept away discussing all things nuptial.
Some people won't get this but I've chosen to do a lot of things by hand in order to keep to the budget.
I've spent months, weeks, days and nights doing many things on my own so to actually get someone to help me with a mundane task means sweet victory!
Working on the place cards Little Indian seemed pleased with herself, using all her concentration to get it right.
I stroked her ego, telling her she should feel privileged as no one else had been given such a task, not even the "Chief".
"Come and inspect them,'' she said.
"They look great - you will be impressed.''
Inspect them I did.
Put it this way if she was still under anaesthetic she was soon wide awake.
"What is this?" I yelled.
"I said left side top, right side bottom, you've done it the wrong way round.
"How hard is it?
"It's not rocket science you said.
"Then what is this?" I ranted.
It was like something took over me and I was having an outer body experience.
Who had I become?
And where did this person come from?
I was on fire and was not stopping anytime soon.
Little Indian did not retaliate (obviously she was still highly sedated otherwise I think I would have worn the place cards to bed that night) instead she walked herself slowly off to bed.
It was my first and only bridezilla moment thus far and although we can laugh about it now I guess it's moments like these that add to the joy and stress, that is, this special day.
And if you think my moment was bad, check out the show Bridezillas on Arena TV to see how bad some brides-to-be are.
Those who have seen it know exactly what I'm talking about!

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  1. You're blog is pretty hilarious , cant wait for an update



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