Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pictures that Paint a Thousand Words......The Good Ol' Days

I don't normally post personal pieces about my family I like to keep the blog light, fun and to topic. However with the New Year just gone I found myself digging through old pictures and reminiscing of days gone by. The good ol' days, where worries were minimal, good times were on tap and responsibility was non-existent. I look back at these with the fondest of memories, at the people who shaped my life and made me the person I am today. 

Here's a glimpse of just some of the ones I stumbled across. They feature my dear Avo, my grandmother, my angel who I miss every single day. They also feature my cousins who live far away on the Portuguese island of Madeira but are always in my heart. The last few feature my sisters, family and friends right here in Perth and the last one reminds me of the cheeky things we used to get up to.

Do you often take the time to look at how far you've come? Stop for a minute to see how much has changed? I do and it really made my heart explode. Explode from the most beautiful memories that will live forever in my heart.

Until next time xxx



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