Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Sneak Peak at The Carrie Diaries - Sex and the City Prequel

Loving the pics that have surfaced of Bridge to Terabithia actress Anna Sophia Robb playing a young Carrie Bradshaw on the set of Sex and the City prequel.
The 18-year-old will star in The Carrie Diaries, filling the role which led to Sarah Jessica Parker's super-stardom.

I think she fills the shoes well, with her gorgeous blonde locks and killer style - she makes the perfect teen Carrie. Wonder what adventures the movie producers have in store for our favourite style-queen- can't wait for this one!
Love this pic & the shoes!
Rocking SJP's famous locks!
Filling those shoes: The first glimpse of Anna Sophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw on the set of the Sex and the City prequel in New York today
A total Carrie moment, stumbling in her 5inch heels!
Merchandising potential: Carrie wore a necklace emblazoned with her name in the original, and it seems like a bag takes that place
The Carrie Bag - sure to become a trend with fashionistas 

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