Sunday, October 9, 2011

Frocking up for Frocktober - Day 9

Day 9 of Frocktober was again a challenge considering I still wasn't feeling the best and had promised my sister I would go along to the Melville Markets (up at 3.30am ugh) with her. I mean yes it was a great idea at the time, it always is, months before that wake up call but jeepers how the hell do people do it week in, week out - trust me there are diehards. 

This market, I decided to sell some of my unwanted frocks with half of my takings going to Frocktober. Unfortunately we were sent packing early due to rain and can you believe it, HAIL!!! I know HAIL in the middle of spring - what a nightmare. 

Anyhooo so after a bout of stomach bug washed down with torrential rain and side of no sleep you can imagine how I was feeling. Never-the-less I was still going to get into some sort of frock and here it is (not the best I know but a frock of some sort anyway). This week I intend on bringing it - promise!

Frock deets: Frock by forever new, tights by junk, ballet flats by novo, belt by sportsgirl, tank by b&s

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