Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Suprise

It's Valentine's Day and it would be remiss of me not to blog about how my day went. Well to tell you the truth it was pretty uneventful and as expected the Roses Only guy didn't turn up at work and bombard me with Roses, chocolates or perfume even, but hey I'm OK with that, he didn't have to.

I however had planned to do just a little bit for the day they call St Valentine's Day and ordered an antipasto platter from The Re-store (with some help of some sneaky family members) and bought husby a card, nothing big just something small I knew he would appreciate.

When he walked in the door this is what he got:

My gift to husby antipasto c/o The ReStore, Alkoomi CabSav, Olives, Vastese & crackers - HEAVEN!
  When he walked in the door this is what I got:
Surprise! Roses from the husby
So there you have it, even though we promised each other we weren't doing anything we still managed to surprise one another and it was PERFECT.

Afterall Valentine's Day isn't about spending big bucks it's about spending time with your loved one and to me it was just right. I mean food and flowers what more could a foodie want - perfeito!

How did your Valentine's Day go? Were you surprised? Did you do something special or nothing at all? I'd love to hear from you - LOVE Bx  

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