Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas with the Girls

It's become a tradition that just before Christmas my girlfriends and I get together for dinner and drinks. This year there was only a few of us but none-the-less we went out anyway, kicking off the night at The Cabin in Mt Hawthorn.

The Cabin's a cool Melbourne-style haunt that's got everybody talking and living only blocks, I'm probably one of the last people to try it out!

Starting with champagne cocktails, we inspected the extensive drinks menu which included wine, spirits, cocktails and beer. The Cabin also has a funky tapas menu or if you want something more substantial they offer that too. It's definitely something Perth was missing and had it not been 37 degrees outside we would have stayed longer.

Mt Hawthorn has a real vibe about it at the moment and another one of the places taking off is The Azure Restaurant. I've been there several times before and am yet to be disappointed with the food, service and ambience - it's just beautiful.

On this occasion I ordered their chargrilled chicken and tomato roulade and for dessert the trio of creme brulee. The chicken was moist, tender and not at all dry and teamed with the tomato and potato gratin was an absolute winner.

The creme brulee trio of mocha, lime & pistachio & vanilla was delightful and very light making it even easier to devour.

All in all my girlfriends enjoyed our dining experience at Azure - in fact we were the last to leave (they had to practically kick us out!). Do yourself a favour and visit them soon!!

Devouring the chargrilled chicken and tomato roulade

The Girls

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